Automatic watering system

Automatinė laistymo sistema

The gardens of private plots are a place where people spend a lot of time in the warm season of the year. Every detail in this space must be thought out and purposefully incorporated. The created environment allows you to enjoy a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. You can enjoy a bright green garden only if it is properly maintained.

Every minute of the day is precious, so you want to go to the garden only to relax, not to work. Time-tested solutions allow you to relax more - and a healthy garden stand is supported by a specialized system. One such system is an automatic watering system, which not only saves your time in warm weather, but also "doses" water properly, thus not wasting it.

What are the advantages of an automatic watering system?

The automatic watering system can be adapted for various purposes - for watering flower beds or lawns, for the maintenance of a greenhouse, vegetable garden, or the entire garden. The main advantage of this system is the automated controller, which allows you to water the plants at the time you set. Plants watered in this way grow evenly, produce higher yields and absorb fertilizers better.

However, regardless of the purpose of the irrigation system and what it is intended for, you can automate each of them. In general, every watering system consists of more or less the same parts, so we have highlighted some useful advantages that will help you decide on the choice of an automatic watering system:

You can use a high-quality and functional watering system to water various plants. Irrigation systems are universal, so one irrigation system can have different watering programs that will water different plants. Watering programs can vary from intensive to slow watering.

A properly designed garden irrigation system increases the value of your home. Future homeowners often pay attention to whether a garden maintenance system is in place, so you don't have to spend a lot of time on it. If you do decide to sell your home, having such a system gives you an advantage and can increase the value of your home by up to 10 percent.

It provides not only aesthetics, but also modernity to your garden space. Pop-up nozzles can be used, which do not spoil the aesthetic image of your garden. An automatic watering system also does not require much effort and time.

As we mentioned, you can apply the principle of an automatic watering system to any watering system. Automatic watering is more expensive and more complicated to install, but with an automatic watering system you will be able to ensure the uniformity of watering.

Next in the text we will discuss:

  • Automatic watering system for the greenhouse - we will discuss why such a watering system for the greenhouse is the best solution.
  • The price of an automatic watering system - we will discuss what makes up the estimate of an automatic watering system.
  • Automatic lawn watering system - we will discuss what you should pay attention to when having this watering system.

Automatic watering system for the greenhouse

An automatic greenhouse watering system is a very smart solution for both large and small greenhouses. Such a system saves your valuable time, as well as the amount of water pouring, because you can adjust the water dosage yourself.

In general, a greenhouse is a uniquely controlled environment that allows the gardener some control over the plant growth process. A greenhouse creates an ideal growing space for many plants. Therefore, the yield of these plants depends on proper watering. And the automatic watering system installed in the greenhouse is one of the solutions to increase the yield.

It's no secret that many gardeners water the vegetables growing in the greenhouse in the evening, and some specialists claim that watering the greenhouse is more effective at night. In this case, an automatic watering system for the greenhouse is an excellent solution, because you will avoid not only a drop in the water level, but also save on electricity costs. The timer, at the time you set, will turn on the system and water your plants in the greenhouse.

Automatic greenhouse watering systems can be divided into two types - point and linear watering. The principle of these systems is that the plants growing in the greenhouse do not receive a large amount of sudden water, which means that they are watered slowly and over a long period of time.

Point watering system. This watering system is based on the following principle: special tubes are used, which are directly inserted into the roots of each plant. The advantage of this watering system is that water is directed directly to the roots, where it is most needed. Watering at the roots helps save water and prevents weeds from growing. Perfect watering system for small, medium-sized greenhouses.

Linear watering system. This irrigation system differs from the point irrigation system in that the pipes are laid with holes for dripping water, thus supplying all the vegetables with the required amount of water. This watering system is perfect for large greenhouses.

Connecting both watering systems is not difficult - they are connected to a water tank, tank or water pipe. When choosing a watering system for a greenhouse, you should also pay attention to what water source you will connect it to. This is important because the correct pressure is required for the system to function effectively. Specialists indicate that the water pressure should be 2.5 bar.

Many people pay attention to the price when planning to install an automatic watering system for a greenhouse. Of course, the price of an automatic watering system is an individual matter. Therefore, each project is designed carefully and in detail and meets your expectations.

Since the irrigation project is unique, you can choose between various irrigation system principles. Also, pay attention to the size of your greenhouse, this can be one of the variables in deciding the price. Don't forget the equipment, which affects the cost of the project. The better equipment you choose, the higher the project costs. However, we are not saying to choose cheap, time-tested techniques.

An automatic watering system for a greenhouse does not require complex, sophisticated equipment. The more features a controller has, the more expensive it is. Of course, everyone can decide what equipment will make up the automatic watering system.

So, if you are still hesitating whether you really need an automatic watering system for your greenhouse, here are some more benefits that this watering system provides:

  1. Water goes directly to the plant roots;
  2. The point watering system helps to retain moisture in the soil longer;
  3. Irrigation pipes can be laid underground, so they become completely invisible;
  4. In the irrigated zone, water can penetrate to a depth of 1 m.

The price of an automatic watering system

It is no secret that the market for irrigation systems is quite large. Therefore, it is natural that a large selection can make your head spin, but when looking for information about an automatic watering system, you should pay attention to individual elements. In this case, following the principle "cheaper is better" is not appropriate. You'll have no more headaches than a perfectly functioning automatic watering system.

It is best to entrust the installation of the garden care system to professionals who install irrigation systems every day. Irrigation system installation specialists know which materials and tools are the best, and the price corresponds to the quality.

Since each project is an individual work, every part that is included in the plan of your new automatic watering system is selected specifically for you. The designed automatic watering system depends on the area you want to water and the amount of plants.

Project planning consists of four steps, which are designed to create a project according to your personal needs. First, you need to determine the dimensions of water pressure and flow, which will show the suitability for designing an automatic watering system. The next two steps are to determine which water source and control system you will choose. Finally - the exact drawing up of your plot plan or greenhouse plan.

After our specialists receive your order, a watering system plan is drawn up that meets your specified requirements. When the plan is presented to you, with the help of our specialists, you can choose the tools that will be used when installing the system. Because uniformity is the goal, tools such as pipes, nozzles, controls, etc. are selected responsibly and carefully. Our specialists use only high-quality, standard-compliant and time-tested Rain Bird products.

Every home automation project is free, while commercial projects are charged.

Automatic lawn watering system

We mentioned that installing an automatic watering system is not a very simple job. Of course, the best option is to leave the installation of such a system to professionals. In this way, you get a double benefit - all the work is done and the specialist installing your irrigation system gives useful tips on how to maintain it and what to do in case of problems.

It's no secret that the most common automatic watering system is for lawns. An automatic lawn watering system will help you enjoy a wonderful looking garden and save precious time. A significant part of your garden's greenery depends on the amount of water you receive. Since we live in a society where every minute counts and you don't have the energy to water your garden after a hard day's work, an automatic lawn watering system is a great solution. The automatic lawn watering system is easy to operate, so the system only turns on at the set time.

A very common problem in lawn care is lawn mowing and sprinklers. Although there are many nozzles on the market from which you can choose the best option, the problem arises to hide them before mowing the lawn. In this case, pop-up nozzles are used, which pop up only when the system is opened and the lawn is started to be watered.

As we mentioned, an automatic lawn watering system is an excellent solution for large areas. In this way, the automated watering system used for watering the lawn evenly distributes the amount of water over the entire required area. This way you will avoid sunburned areas of the lawn. This can also happen when one part of the lawn receives more water and another less.

Before receiving the project from the specialists, we suggest that you pay attention to how the nozzles are arranged in the plan of your lawn irrigation system. A common mistake that can be found in the installation of irrigation systems is placing the sprinklers in the middle of the lawn. In this case, the sprinklers do not water in a targeted way, but everything around them - the lawn, the walls of the house, the terrace or the paving stones. Therefore, the best solution is when the nozzles of the automatic lawn watering system are installed at the edges of the lawn, next to the paving stones or the fence. A favorable arc is created to ensure that the sprinklers will water only the lawn evenly.

Although an automatic lawn irrigation system may seem like an expensive investment, when compared to hose irrigation, it becomes a great alternative. Here are some pros and cons of an automatic lawn watering system:


  1. Economical watering - water is not wasted. It is distributed evenly over the entire lawn area.
  2. Saves your time - the automated system turns on only at the time you set, so you simply do not need to water the lawn additionally. You can relax because the irrigation system will take care of your lawn.
  3. Revitalizes drought-worn lawn areas - a burnt lawn does not give any aesthetic beauty. The uniform principle of operation of the automatic lawn watering system ensures that there will be no areas damaged by drought in your lawn.


  1. An improperly installed system will work inefficiently - the nozzles of the lawn watering system must be located at the edges of the lawn, thus ensuring efficiency.

Not suitable for plants that do not tolerate foliar irrigation - nozzles distribute water wherever it is set. However, before submitting the plot plan to the specialist, mark each bush and tree that is in the area and indicate their type. A watering system designed in this way will be effective.

When planning and choosing an automatic lawn watering system, pay attention to the points listed above. More information can be found here: Lawn irrigation systems .

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frequently asked Questions

  1. How to choose an automatic watering system?

Choose an automatic watering system according to the effect you want to see in your garden. If you want a lush, bright green lawn, then an automatic lawn watering system is the perfect solution. If you are aiming for a higher yield, choose an automatic watering system for the greenhouse. Note the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

  1. What is the best automatic watering system?

The best automatic watering system is one whose components are of high quality and will serve you for a long time. Our specialists use only the best, time-tested products of the Rain Bird company.