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Exemplary irrigation systems

Exemplary irrigation systems: An efficient and resource-saving method
What are model irrigation systems? Exemplary irrigation systems are
technologies that manage water use in crop production. Her

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Maintenance of irrigation system devices

Why is irrigation system device maintenance necessary? Watering
system devices such as sprinklers, sprinklers, filter, etc.,
are essential to ensure plant well-being. It is true that it is

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Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural irrigation is an important factor that has a significant impact
world food production. Watering is necessary for plants to grow
and develop while the modern land

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Frequently asked questions

No. In fact, an automatic sprinkler system can actually save you money
water for you A well-designed, efficient irrigation system uses
exactly the amount of water your landscape needs. You never
no more worrying about wasting water if you forget to turn it off
Plus, with the Rain Bird rain sensor, your system will know when it's raining and
will simply turn off when watering is no longer needed.

Yes. - You won't have to waste a single minute of your valuable free time
watering the lawn. Your new system will do all the watering for you -
even when you're away from home!

An automatic sprinkler system will do this more efficiently as it is designed
depending on the various watering needs of your landscape,
using different products for grass, trees, shrubs or garden plants
to water

A typical system consists of a controller (which acts as the brain of the system),
valves (which open and close to release and stop water
flow to underground pipes) and sprinklers (which distribute water
for certain locations). The sprinkler system can also be controlled
using rain
sensor, which depending on the amount of rain it
turns on or off. It is preferable that all irrigation systems
components would be from the same company, as this is the only way to ensure
that they will work well. It should be noted that "Rain Bird" develops, manufactures and offers
a very wide series of components that make up an efficient irrigation system.

And yes and no. Remember that the price of the product is only one effective
part of the irrigation system. Therefore, many people choose to hire
an expert on the components of the irrigation system and the work that needs to be done, who
has accumulated experience in the development and installation of the most cost-effective
irrigation systems. Do not forget that such a specialist has invested a lot in
specialized installation equipment that helps speed up the work and is available
having attended several irrigation system installation courses.

The cost of the system depends on many factors such as ownership
size, landscape type, number of zones, products used and
special design.

We offer Rain Bird's most advanced sprinkler timers and controls
are powerful enough to meet your individual watering needs
needs and would be easy to program and adjust. The latest
Smart Bird controls from Rain Bird even adjust automatically
to changing weather conditions, temperature and rainfall, therefore
you just need to sit back and relax.

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I always dreamed of a beautiful and healthy garden, Rain Bird helped turn my dream into reality. Thank you!

Aurelia R.



If you are looking for real watering system specialists - Rain Bird is the only choice. With the Rain Bird equipment, they made my yard look great!

Egidius D.



Ever since I got the Rain Bird watering system, my garden looks great. Water saving and efficiency - simply priceless! I definitely recommend it.

Diana Ž.



I chose the Rain Bird team and I am glad, their attitude, professionalism and quality of installation of Rain Bird equipment is impeccable.

Lina T.

Happy holidays


When I approached the Rain Bird team about the irrigation system, I received not only professionalism, but also a sincere desire to help me. Not only did they install the Rain Bird system, but they listened carefully to all my requests. The result is excellent, I recommend it!

Vaidas N.