Advantages of a garden irrigation system

Daržo laistymo sistemos privalumai

Garden watering systems are becoming more and more popular in the world, below we will discuss the best advantages of this watering system.

Lower water consumption

Considering the current environmental challenges, the first and no less important advantage of automatic watering systems is that they can save up to 50% of water.

Automatically delivers exactly where it is needed and when it is needed, even on hot summer nights, when the water has time to penetrate the soil and does not evaporate, optimizing plant growth! And authorities responsible for large green areas or gardens especially appreciate the fact that these systems reduce water bills.

Saves time

As the name suggests, a sprinkler system is automated, meaning it is often controlled by a timer to distribute water around the garden without the homeowner having to be around. This means that watering the garden can save gardeners a lot of time for other things, without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty and health of their yard.

Automated irrigation systems are very popular with public authorities, who often have limited staff. With an autonomous watering system, professionals can focus on more valuable tasks. And that means a quick return on investment!


Overwatered plants can become infected with diseases. Watered too little, they dry out. Correct watering optimizes growth , but that's not all! The right amount of water maximizes the plant's ability to store carbon and cool the environment.

Soil erosion

During the summer storm season, relatively wet land can prevent flooding because dry land is less likely to absorb large amounts of rainwater during storms and is therefore more prone to runoff, which erodes the soil. Automated irrigation systems preserve the soil's absorbent properties, which is important knowing that the soil's ability to absorb water can be compromised.


With drip or underground automatic watering systems, only the feet of plants receive the water they need to grow. With targeted watering, weeds have fewer resources to grow among and compete with plants. Some plants can become infected with diseases such as Alternaria (black spot of tomatoes) if their leaves are accidentally watered.

remote control

Thanks to the real-time sensors installed in automatic watering systems, you can learn various parameters, such as soil moisture or weather, without being in the same place, and do what is needed remotely. Other indicators, such as flow rate controls that can detect leaks, allow remote diagnosis of faults and indicate which tools to prepare during a technical visit.

The benefits of automated irrigation systems are environmental as well as human and financial, bringing together the foundations of sustainable development. However, they are especially ideal for professional landscapers who are constantly looking for ways to make green spaces more attractive and healthy.