How do I know if my lawn needs watering?

Kaip žinoti, ar mano veją reikia laistyti?

The grass plants that make up your lawn need water to live. Without it, they cannot photosynthesize (produce energy) and move nutrients through their leaves.

Grass plants get most of their water from the soil. If the soil dries out for several days, the growth of the grass plant slows down. Without water for a longer period of time, the grass plants will go dormant and eventually dry out. Most grass plants start growing again as soon as they get water. However, allowing the grass to dry out will reduce the quality of the lawn when the plants start to grow again.

Along with lawn mowing, watering is one of the main factors that determine the overall quality of your lawn and the benefits your lawn will receive from our treatments and services.

How do I know if my lawn needs watering?

As temperatures rise, grass plants need more water to stay hydrated. From April to October, if it has rained for less than 20 minutes continuously during the day, your lawn will likely need to be watered. You can also check how dry the soil is to determine if it needs watering.

The easiest way to check this is to use a metal object, such as a screwdriver, to insert it into the soil. If it can be inserted easily, it usually means that it is moist enough. If the screwdriver cannot be inserted or if the soil is dry when it is removed, the lawn needs to be watered.

What should I expect when watering an unwatered lawn?

Plants will begin to absorb water, which will help them create energy and grow new leaves. Your lawn will start to green up and your grass plants will start growing again.

If the lawn soil has been left unwatered and the soil has dried out, small areas of the soil will begin to compact more quickly than others. When you start watering your lawn again, it's normal for these areas to remain dry.

Lawn watering

Sometimes lawn irrigation systems are the only way to give grass plants access to water when there is little or no rainfall. Our tips focus on how to water your lawn most efficiently and minimize the amount of water you need.

The biggest mistakes our customers make when watering their lawns
The biggest mistake customers make when watering their lawn is thinking they've watered enough. A quick sprinkling of the lawn every few days when there has been no rain will have very little effect, especially on compacted soil.

It is important that water penetrates the surface of the soil and reaches the root zone, so although the surface may appear moist, the soil itself may be dry if it is not sufficiently watered.