Irrigation system design

Laistymo sistemos projektavimas

Next, we'll cover everything you need to know about designing an irrigation system .

If you don't feel ready to take on this work, our experienced designers are here to help. For more information , click here, fill out the form and email. email absolutely free , which will detail all the information we need to get started! We serve customers all over Lithuania!

For those up to the task, any good irrigation system design starts with two things:

Irrigation system plan

Irrigation System Plan - drawn to scale with as much detail as possible. For this, you can use graph paper or download our design plan and draw the project to a scale of 1:100. Show all garden and lawn areas, any paths or driveways, retaining walls and the location of the water source, such as garden taps or a water tank.

Flow Test – The flow test is important because it determines how many sprinklers you can run at once.

Things to remember when designing a system:

All irrigation methods require different operating pressures to work effectively. Roughly speaking, most pop-up sprinklers require at least 300kpa, garden sprinklers at least 200kpa, and drippers at least 100kpa. In order to determine how many pop-ups, garden sprinklers or drippers can be run in one area, it is important to know the flow rate at the desired operating pressure.

It is not advisable to try to water gardens and lawns as one area

Gardens and lawns require different amounts of water and at different frequencies. When designing, divide gardens and lawns into separate zones where all areas in each zone will need roughly the same amount of water and at the same frequency.

Automatic watering system price

Generally, watering capacities range from 1 to 24 liters per hour, and garden sprinklers range from 50 to 200 liters per hour. This means that depending on how long you water, rainfall will vary greatly across the area, resulting in very uneven water coverage and inefficient water use.