Lawn watering systems

Vejos laistymo sistemos

Many homeowners dream of a lush, bright green lawn. Having a lawn like this requires a lot of effort and work. It doesn't matter what method of lawn cultivation you choose - whether you sow the lawn yourself or use a rolled lawn, you need to water and take care of it so that it takes root or germinates evenly.

The most common lawn problem that owners of their own territories can complain about is burnt, yellowed lawn areas. This occurs due to improper lawn irrigation and sun damaged areas because the lawn roots are on the surface. The solution is lawn watering systems .

What are the benefits of a lawn irrigation system?

We often hear that only rainwater is enough for the lawn - not really. In order to have a beautiful environment, it needs to be watered - water is one of the most important elements to maintain an even green lawn. Watering your lawn shouldn't be a tedious and time-consuming process, but it needs to be done regularly to prevent it from turning yellow or drying out on hot, dry summer days. In this case, many homeowners choose to install a lawn irrigation system.

Lawn irrigation systems will distribute water evenly over the entire area. It is very useful to have such a system when the summers are hot and dry with strong winds. It also depends on what kind of soil you have - if the soil is clayey, the water will last longer and you will need to water less. If the soil is sandy, you will need to water more often.

If you are hesitating about installing a lawn irrigation system, here are a few reasons why a lawn irrigation system is a good solution:

The lawn watering system evenly irrigates large and small areas . Regularly watering your lawn with a regular watering can can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if the area is large. Therefore, lawn watering systems ensure that your territory will be watered evenly, regardless of the area.

A lawn watering system saves water and time. Saving water and time is one of the main reasons why people choose to install irrigation systems. Regular watering takes a lot of time. Most lawn watering systems are automated, so you can set the time when it will be turned on and water the lawn. Watering on a set schedule helps keep your lawn in good condition.

A lawn irrigation system helps ensure good soil structure and nutrient sufficiency. Watering the lawn with a hose can have a negative impact. This creates a medium when too much water enters the soil. Excess can leach out many beneficial nutrients. This negatively affects the growth process of your lawn. In addition, the irrigation system helps to dissolve the fertilizer better.

As we mentioned, lawn irrigation systems are a great alternative. The system helps to maintain uniformity, you can enjoy a lush and bright green lawn. Next in the text we will discuss:

  • Lawn watering system kit - what parts make up a lawn watering kit.
  • The cost of installing a lawn irrigation system - what stages make up the estimate for installing a lawn irrigation system.
  • Automatic lawn watering system - what you should pay attention to with this watering system.

Lawn watering system kit

We mentioned that watering the lawn manually, using a watering hose and standing nozzles, is a rather inefficient solution, as it wastes time and uses a large amount of water. With a lawn watering system kit, you don't have to worry about watering, saving your time and water.

We agree that it may sound strange, but in order for the system to last for a long time, you need to find out if the company that installs the lawn irrigation systems uses quality products. For example, the lawn irrigation systems we install consist only of quality and time-proven Rain Bird products.

The lawn watering system kit consists of 6 main parts:

  1. Pipes - Plastic PE pipes are commonly used for lawn irrigation or any other irrigation system. They are routed underground, so you won't even see them.
  2. Manifolds and their connections - these connections distribute the flow of water to irrigation systems. With the help of collectors, water is evenly distributed throughout the irrigation system.
  3. Automatic valves are one of the most important elements in a lawn watering system. Their purpose is to start or stop the water supply to the irrigation system.
  4. Rain and Soil Sensors - A question we often come across is, should the lawn irrigation system be turned off mechanically when it's raining outside? The answer is no need. Sensors are used for this, which are one of many components. They are reliable because they send a signal to the system controller, which turns off or reduces the watering time.
  5. Irrigation system controls are a kind of timer that opens and closes the automatic valves of the irrigation system at the time you set. Sensors are also attached to this controller, which transmit information about moisture in the soil, and the system itself determines whether watering is necessary or not.
  6. Nozzles – There are many nozzles to choose from, from pop-up static spray heads and high efficiency nozzles to rotors and impact nozzles.

Before installing a lawn irrigation system, consider the water source. This is important because adequate water pressure is required for the system to function without major problems. Our specialists recommend that the water pressure should be at least 2.5 bar. In order for the lawn watering system to work correctly and without any problems, it is usually connected to a water pipe or a well.

A lawn irrigation system kit is an individual thing, so the price for this project is also individual. Each lawn irrigation system project is designed carefully and in detail to fully meet the customer's expectations.

Since the project is unique, it means the elements that make up the lawn irrigation system kit, you can choose according to your needs. After you choose, the specialist will explain the importance of each element.

All elements of the irrigation system are important and useful. Therefore, it is better not to choose time-tested, cheap lawn watering equipment, which can cause you many problems.

The cost of installing a lawn irrigation system

The lawn irrigation system is mostly used for watering large areas. Of course, this is completely independent of the purpose of the area - whether it is a private or commercial area. The price ranges for installing a lawn irrigation system are wide, so it is important to pay attention to every detail. The materials and tools we use are selected in careful consultation with the client.

We recommend entrusting the installation of a complete irrigation system to professionals. Each irrigation project is created individually, so it is worth noting that every detail is important.

Mark everything that is in your territory. Specify the size of the area, the location of residential or utility premises, garage, paving, flower beds, trees, bushes, terraces and the like. Everything near the watering area. Do not forget to mark the location of the water source so that the specialists know where the water will be taken from.

The provided drawing will help our specialists create a complete, detailed and accurate lawn irrigation system project. In this way, you will ensure that the project meets your specified requirements. After creating a lawn watering project, together with specialists, the components that will be used for your watering system are selected. Only high-quality, time-tested and standard Rain Bird products are used. This ensures smooth operation of the irrigation system.

The price of installing a lawn irrigation system depends on the complexity of the completed system. We emphasize that our specialists create lawn irrigation system projects for own or individual territories free of charge, while the creation of such projects for commercial territories is charged.

Automatic lawn watering system

The main difference between automatic and manual lawn watering systems is the controller. The controller is a device that waters your lawn at the time you set. Although it is one of the main devices in the automatic lawn watering system complex, do not forget that it is not the only element.

It is very important that the lawn watering system is positioned correctly, as this is the only way to achieve the desired result. Let's face it, everyone wants an even and equally beautiful lawn. Uneven and erratic watering of the lawn hardly achieves this goal, especially if you water manually, that is, with a watering hose and standing sprinklers.

In order to achieve the desired result, pay attention to how the nozzles are arranged in the irrigation system project. If the nozzles are placed in the middle of the irrigated area, they can do more harm than good - they will water everything around: the walls of the house, paving stones, terrace, etc. Specialists place the nozzles of the irrigation system at the edge of the area, near the fence - this way the irrigated area will be covered to the maximum. Also note that the jet from one nozzle must reach the other nozzle. This will make watering more efficient and save more water.

Another important aspect that should be paid attention to when having an automatic watering system is the watering time. Although the automatic watering starts automatically, it is necessary to set the right time when the lawn is watered. If you water your grass infrequently and you see that it is turning yellow, it is probably due to a lack of moisture, so do not wait until the lawn has completely lost its charm. On the other hand, too much water can also be harmful because too wet soil will not allow oxygen to pass through. This creates a risk to plant publicity.

The activation of the lawn irrigation system directly depends on the weather conditions and the soil. If the weather is windy, dry and sunny - it is likely that the automatic lawn watering system will work more often and water more. If the soil is sandy, watering will also be more frequent, as sand absorbs water quickly. However, if the soil is clayey, you will need to water it a little less often, because clayey soil retains moisture better. Also remember that it is recommended to water the lawn before 10 am. in the morning, because it took longer to keep the lawn in a healthier condition. If you water late in the evening, too much moisture may remain, which will not evaporate during the night due to the drop in air temperature.

These are just a few tips that you can apply to your automatic lawn watering system setup. Remember that you can select all possible functions in the controller (depending on the complexity of the controller) to ensure a healthy lawn. It is important to mention that specialists who install automatic lawn watering systems ensure that before they leave, you are introduced to all the maintenance and connection of the watering system.

Our specialists provide a 2-year warranty for irrigation systems. During the warranty period, the system is fully maintained, and when autumn comes, specialists prepare the irrigation system for the winter season by draining water from the system. This procedure is performed with air compressors.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How to choose a lawn irrigation system?

Choosing a lawn irrigation system is not difficult. First of all, define the area you want to irrigate and make a plan for that purpose. Submit the plan to our specialists and they will offer you the best solution that corresponds to the area you want to irrigate.

  1. How to install a lawn irrigation system?

Installing a lawn irrigation system yourself can be a complicated process. Therefore, it is best to leave this work to specialists. Not only will you not have to worry about installing the system, but you will also be introduced to all the information about the system after installation.